Erin has been a developer for nearly 20 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Philadelphia University and graduated at the top of her computer science class in 2002. 

Before starting her own consulting business, Erin worked at the Wharton Business school for 12 years and then Caktus Consulting Group for 2 and a half years. She continues to work with both Wharton and Caktus, now in a consulting capacity. 

During her time at Wharton, both as a full-time employee and later as a consultant, Erin led development on a new website for scheduling academic sections and events for the entire school which was recognized by the operations team for vastly improving their workflow which encompassed 1500 academic sections per semester and 1000 events per month.

Erin has been recognized for work on projects for Unicef, Mozilla, Truth Initiative, Energy Solutions and many more clients through work at Caktus. She has a knack for connecting teammates and communicating with stakeholders to address the most pressing bugs and features in a timely and efficient manner. Jumping into team augmentation projects is one of her favorite ways to make an impact for clients.

One of her favorite recent accomplishments is speaking on running your own business at The Women in Tech Summit in Raleigh 2018 and DjangoCon US in San Diego in 2019.

Outside of work, Erin contributes to the local Django community by mentoring other women in tech, and speaking and writing on technical subjects. She has given talks at the Women in Tech Summit, PyCaribbean, DjangoCon US, and the invite-only UNICEF-hosted RapidCon. In her free time, she loves cooking delicious vegan meals for her family and friends, making videos on the topic of frugality, and trying to keep her house plants alive.



DjangoCon US 2019: Roll Your Own Tech Job

This talk at DjangoCon US 2019 covers my first two years as a consultant: how I went about setting my business up legally, how I found a simple way to keep my books, and how I found excited and exciting clients. Resources for this talk.

Women in Tech Summit Southeast 2018: Roll Your Own Tech Job: Starting a Business or Side Hustle from Scratch

I created this talk in order to hopefully encourage more women to become independent consultants. I gave this talk in November 2018. 

Women in Tech Summit Philadelphia 2017: Uniqueness is an Advantage – For You & Your Company

This panel was a joint effort with myself and Brigitte Corbin. We coordinated it and had an excellent discussion on panel how you can “embrace your uniqueness” and use it not only to your own advantage but also to the advantage of your company. Panel recap

PyCaribbean 2017: Reach More People: SMS Data Collection with RapidPro

This was a deep dive into RapidPro’s functionality and an overview of TracPro which is a dashboard add-on to RapidPro. This conference was in February 2017. PyCaribbean 2017 video

RapidCon 2016: TracPro - How it Works & What It Does

This was a technical deep dive into TracPro which is a dashboard add-on to RapidPro which we custom designed for UNICEF at Caktus. RapidCon is a small invite-only conference for RapidPro developers hosted by UNICEF. I gave this talk in November 2016 at the second annual RapidCon. My RapidCon Recap

Raleigh Women in Tech Summit 2016: Staying a Woman in Tech

I created, organized and spoke on this panel in October 2016. Read more in our moderator’s post on Medium.

PyData Carolinas 2016: Reach More People: SMS Data Collection with RapidPro

We presented a RapidPro talk with a focus on data collection and on using RapidPro’s API to create your own data visualizations. PyData Carolinas Talk Recording.

Pycon 2016: Leveraging Text Messaging in 2016 with RapidPro

I submitted and co-presented at this talk in May 2016 at Pycon. RapidPro Presentation Description